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Est. 2020

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The Kahnke Family

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SoDak Family Beef is owned and operated by Jon and Alex Kahnke who also own and operate

Rusty JAK, LLC. 

SoDak Family Beef is located near Florence, South Dakota. It is here we raise cattle that graze pastures during the warm months and then are brought home during the cold months and are provided a well-balanced diet that includes corn.  It is of utmost importance that each animal is well-cared for and that they are as comfortable as possible.  Every thing we do plays a part in the consistency, marbling, tenderness and flavor of our meat.  We strive for premium beef and to be the reason your family "meats to eat" year around! 

"We have been buying ground beef and beef roasts from Jon and Alex Kahnke for several years.  The quality and flavor of the meat is very good.  We appreciate and want to support our local farmers.  We would recommend So.Dak Family Beef for your table."
Glacial Lakes Hunting Lodge and Guide Service -  South Dakota 
"SoDak Family Beef is top notch in quality and taste! It is some of the best beef we have had, and not to mention it is locally grown and processed, just how we love it!"
The Weber's- Minnesota  

"Have you had your beef today? If you not contact Jon and Alex Kahnke today! We have bought hamburger and other cuts as well and not only does it taste great but also grills up very well too! Keep it local, buy local and support our Sodak family farmers!"
T&B Kahnke- South Dakota


SoDak Family Beef

44350 159th St 
Florence SD 57235


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